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Precision Parking Enterprises is a privately held parking corporation positioned at the top of the valet parking and traffic management industry. Having started in Morristown NJ, we have grown to become the most respected and reliable valet parking and traffic control service in the Tri-State area. Our ownership, management, and staff are dedicated to providing consistently professional parking services.


We have a distinguished list of clientele including country clubs, car dealerships, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and traffic-directing events. We are trusted by our customers. We tailor our operations to meet the challenges of each project and work to solve problems, not create them.

Precision Parking offers Hotel Valet Parking Services

     When it comes to hospitality, hotels aim to provide their guests with a luxurious and memorable experience. One way to achieve this is by offering valet parking services. Valet parking not only provides convenience but also adds to the elegance of a hotel stay. In this article, we'll take a closer look at valet parking services for hotels.
    First and foremost, valet parking services at hotels are all about convenience. Guests can simply drive up to the hotel's entrance, hand over their keys to a professional attendant, and go about their stay without worrying about parking their car or finding their way back to it. This is especially beneficial for guests who are unfamiliar with the area or who are simply looking to simplify their travels.
    In addition to convenience, valet parking services add to the overall luxury experience of a hotel stay. Guests feel valued when they don't have to worry about the logistics of parking and can instead focus on enjoying their stay. And let's face it, arriving at a hotel and having a professional valet park your car gives off a certain air of sophistication.
When it comes to the logistics of valet parking, precision is key. Guests expect their cars to be handled with care and parked in a safe and secure location. Professional attendants trained in precision parking techniques ensure that each car is parked efficiently and without damage. Hotels that offer valet parking services should partner with trusted and reputable valet parking companies, such as Precision Park, to ensure the highest level of service.
    Finally, hotels should keep in mind that valet parking services can offer a competitive advantage. Many guests choose hotels based on the amenities and services they offer, and valet parking can be a deciding factor for those who prioritize convenience and luxury.
    In conclusion, valet parking services are a great choice for hotels looking to provide their guests with a high-quality experience. They offer convenience, luxury, and a competitive advantage. With precision parking and professional attendants, valet parking services ensure that guests arrive and leave in sophisticated style.

Hospital Valet Parking Services

     Hospitals are often a place of stress and worry for patients and their loved ones. From navigating complex medical procedures to worrying about insurance coverage, there is a lot that can weigh on a person's mind when they visit a hospital. One thing that shouldn't be a worry, however, is parking.
This is where valet parking services for hospitals come in. Valet parking services offer patients and their families a stress-free parking experience, ensuring that they arrive and leave with ease. With precision parking techniques and professional attendants, valet parking services for hospitals provide a level of service that goes above and beyond traditional parking options.
    Precision parking is key when it comes to valet parking services for hospitals. With limited space and a constant stream of incoming and outgoing vehicles, it's important that every vehicle is parked with care and precision to maximize the use of space. Professional valet attendants have been trained in the art of precision parking, ensuring that every car is parked safely and efficiently.
    Additionally, valet parking services for hospitals provide peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of patients' vehicles. Insured and secured parking spaces ensure that patients' cars are protected while they focus on their health and recovery.
    The benefits of valet parking services for hospitals extend beyond just parking. By providing a high-quality parking experience, hospitals can improve patient satisfaction and make their experience at the hospital more pleasant. Patients and their families will appreciate the attention to detail and level of service provided by valet parking attendants, which can contribute to a more positive overall experience.
    In conclusion, valet parking services for hospitals offer a valuable service that can greatly improve the overall experience for patients and their families. From precision parking techniques to professional attendants, valet parking services provide a level of service that goes above and beyond traditional parking options. By trusting in valet parking services, hospitals can ensure that their patients and their families receive quality care from start to finish.

Car Dealership Valet Parking Services

     As a car dealership, you are always looking for ways to provide a seamless and satisfying experience for your customers. One way to do this is by offering valet parking services. Valet parking services can make a big difference in the overall experience that customers have when visiting your dealership.
    Valet parking services ensure that your customers have a stress-free experience from the moment they arrive at your dealership. They are greeted by a professional attendant who takes care of their car and parks it in a safe and secure location. With precision parking techniques, the attendant ensures that each car is parked in a way that maximizes the available space.
    Not only does valet parking provide a convenient and hassle-free parking option for your customers, but it also helps to create a professional and luxurious atmosphere. When customers arrive at your dealership and are greeted by a pro
fessional attendant who parks their car with precision and care, it sets a tone for the rest of their visit.
    In addition, valet parking services can be especially helpful for your service department. Customers dropping off their cars for repairs or maintenance can be easily directed to the valet parking area where a professional attendant will take care of their car. If your dealership offers loaner cars, the valet attendant can also facilitate the loaner car process by providing customers with the necessary paperwork and ensuring that the loaner car is ready for them.
    Finally, valet parking services can also help your dealership meet the high standards set by your manufacturers. By providing a professional and high-quality valet parking service, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a top-notch experience for your customers.
    In conclusion, valet parking services are a great choice for car dealerships that want to provide their customers with a seamless and professional experience. With precision parking and professional attendants, valet parking services can help your dealership stand out from the competition and meet the high standards set by your manufacturers.

"We were worried that the logistics would be to challenging so we hired professionals Precision Parking Enterprises made all the difference at the delaership"

Simone Woods

"At our clinic we want patients in same day surgery to feel like they are our only patients one way we do this is by offering valet parking"

Nicole Yang

"It was a classy touch to have Chris's valet parking services added as an amenity to our country club"

Calvin Smith

"My private birthday event was huge because you only turn 50.. I mean 30 once and luckily I could just enjoy my birthday while Precisions Parking took care of the rest"

Suzanne Levis

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