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Employment at Precision Parking


Looking to make some extra cash?

All employees of Precision Parking Enterprises are fully trained to handle all types of valet parking, traffic directing, and special event venues including residential.  
Our Human Resources department carefully screens all prospective employees' driving records and past employment. Employees hired into valet parking positions are familiar with all types of automobiles. In addition, we further test and train our employees with experts in the parking and traffic-directing industry.
We offer flexible work schedules, a friendly work environment, and the opportunity to work in different locations and visit client sites in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.



Must be 18+ with a valid driver’s license, pass the criminal background check process, and provide a DMV printout.

Must maintain a well-groomed appearance and abide by all company policies.

Must have the ability to drive standard and automatic transmissions.

Precision Parking Enterprises is constantly striving to maintain its quality of service by offering many employment opportunities. For employment inquiries please contact us.

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